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What do we need to prevent our enthusiasm for diving from fading?


1. Always remind yourself why you love diving

What made you dive for the first time?

A new travel experience? Want to see the colorful marine life? Or meet new friends? Or do you want to escape from the unchanging reality of society?

Remember the moments that made you laugh in your head, and make them your eternal memories.

(1) Get together with local active divers to keep alive

(2) Save the highlight moments of diving as photos and videos.

2. Change the restless life day after day

It's normal for professional divers to dive every weekend

It's true that Diving Coaches have a sense of accomplishment and values when they teach or train, but they also have a lot of responsibility. However, many coaches and diving Masters (DM) have found that their diving enthusiasm has been reborn in licensed diving (FD).

3. Put diving on your schedule every year

If you only take diving as an imagination and don't put it into action, book regular diving activities in the local diving shop and add them to the schedule. Don't let your equipment get a thick layer of dust!

If you don't want to dive in a local club, you can choose a diving trip to enrich your journey. Share your diving plan on your social media and tell your family and friends: I'm going to dive this holiday. By constantly sharing with others, even if they are not divers, you can fix your diving plan from the side.

4. Believe in yourself: I have no problem!

If you've been diving for some time, it's easy to fall into a strange state: you like to dive in the same diving spot, and you refuse all unfamiliar places and activities.

So, try to accept the next new dive. It may be a beach cleaning, a purposeful underwater photography, or exploring new interesting potential. These experiences may strengthen your memory of diving and help you find new points of interest.

Diving itself has no limitations, and people's minds are sometimes narrow.

Note: be sure to dive within your training and experience.

5. Set goals, set rewards

Long distance runners have marathons, cyclists have tour de France, and divers have their own diving challenges. Use the diving log and computer table to record your diving time and what you have seen and heard, and make your diving plan, such as 600 dives or the total underwater hours. When you achieve your goals, the sense of accomplishment can't be expressed in words.

6. Do what is true to your heart

If one day you have lost interest in diving, do a little change can let you rediscover the fun of diving: a good set of equipment can bring you a very good diving experience.

Adjust the elastic device on the fins to keep you comfortable when kicking, and the damping when entering and leaving the water will be significantly reduced.

Do you often feel cold when diving? Don't deny yourself, change into a new wet suit or try a dry dive.

Try to use new equipment to take photos or videos for others underwater to improve your diving achievement.

7. Divers should try something new

A new diving point or a new diving skill, a new diving point, PADI leisure scuba divers and professional divers can benefit from new things, such as night diving, full mask diving, breathing apparatus diving, etc.

It's a pleasure for you to dive with some new friends. You can be proud to show others your favorite dive spot and introduce them to the local marine life.

If you have children at home, you can ask them about diving. Maybe one day you and your family will be able to swim in the sea together and share all the beauty of the underwater world.

8. Are divers nervous about returning to the water?

Now it's been many years since your last dive, or your initial scuba course ow didn't give you enough confidence to continue diving. Come to Debye diving club for the PADI reactivation course, which is designed to help divers build confidence before returning to the water.