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Taras——Born in the ocean, dancing with dolphins


Sauce~ This is a popular science article about competitive monofin TARAS, the son of Poseidon, born in the ocean and dancing with dolphins. This Taras monofin is the first monofin designed and produced by CetmaComposites after years of carbon fiber fin experience and monofin dynamics research.

Italian freediving athlete Michele Giurgola conducted a test and comparison of multiple brands of monofins on Y40 in December 2017. TARAS is the fastest swimming and the most labor-saving. The invincible performance allowed TARAS to receive 60 orders within two days.

The design and production of the blade is the crystallization of the high-strength carbon fiber of aerospace science and technology and high-tech processing technology. The elasticity and hardness distribution of the blades are precisely designed to reduce lateral bending, thereby improving swimming efficiency. The foot cover is ergonomic, made of high-quality rubber, to wear tightly but remain comfortable, minimize power consumption and generate maximum thrust.

Blade parameters:

1. Foot cover blade angle: high ankle

2. The support side bars are made of rubber of different hardness, and the arc is ergonomic, comfortable and powerful

3. Positive buoyancy thrust is about 2N

4.100% item-level IM7 carbon fiber material

5. The blades are made of 100% pre-impregnated carbon fiber, using hot-melt aviation pre-impregnated and micro-tempered materials, strong epoxy resin

6.3D technology: CETMA Research Institute's patented 3D technology and manufacturing process, so that the blade has zero defects and maintains the strongest hydrodynamic efficiency

7. FEM finite element modeling design, so that the hardness distribution can get better dynamic efficiency

8. Length 70 cm, width 70 cm, height 10 cm

9. Weight 2.13 kg

10. Hardness can be selected: 1 (softest), 2, 3, 4.