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Cetma Composites is leader in the development and production of products for freediving sector


Eng. Andrea Salomi, Eng. Silvio Pappadà and the Eng Giuseppe Zanzarelli of Cetma Composites talk about how they became leaders in the development and production of products for freediving sector.

I’m Andrea Salomi, one of the founding members of Cetma Composites, a spin-off of CETMA Technologies, Design and Materials European Research Centre. For several years our work has been to develop innovative materials and processes for Italian and International industry, in areas such as aerospace, aeronautic, automotive. Today Cetma Composites is leader in the development and production of products for freediving sector. We were the first to apply an engineering approach, turning products with low technological content, although widespread, into very innovative articles produced with advanced techniques. Using innovative materials and processes we succeeded in producing  ” free of defects” products.
The performance of composite structures, differently from other materials, depend on the quantity of defects present into the structure… and for defects we mean “voids” and “delaminations”. Having a  product with a beautiful finish, especially if painted, does not exclude the possibility of the presence of these defects into the internal structure. In CETMA COMPOSITES, thanks to more than twenty-years experience in Research and Development activities in composite materials sector, we developed advanced techniques that allow to minimize the defects content within composite parts.  In addition we have advanced diagnostic equipment that can verify the defects content within the composite structure.
We start from the CAD design of the components and then we carry out structural analysis using Finite Elements Software. Thanks to these softwares we maximize the efficiency of design, distributing the stiffnesses with extreme accuracy.
D.R.S. Dynamic Resonance System is the new system that made us famous all-over-the world and consist to put the fin working in the resonant mode with the finning frequency of the swimmer, allowing a significant muscular energy saving. Even tough our brand and our products model are famous all over the world, our research of new technologies and materials goes on to offer to our customers leading products…and we will continue to surprise you with lots and lots of novelties...